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Rentlord simplifies the entire property renting process and makes it super easy to manage your portfolio anywhere and anytime.

Beautiful and Powerful

Rentlord is not “just” software. It’s as real as your investment and the tenants who live in it are real. A dedicated Rentlord agent is assigned to every property to help you and your tenants in any matter at all.

A Real, Live Rentlord Agent Behind You

Track problems and all communications with your tenants all from one simple feed. Your messages automatically get sent out by 2-way Email and SMSso they can quickly and readily reply back to everyone. And in case of disputes, everything’s on the record and can be downloaded with a click of the button.

Communicate Fast & Control Problems

Rentlord protects the tenancy deposit and collects every rent payment, keeping track of your accounts automatically (including partially paid ones), and follow up every payment with a professional receipt. If rent payment is late, we follow up with a courteous word, following up with legal letters, arbitration, and finally starting the eviction process. You’re kept informed at every step.

Rent Collection: Your Business is Our Business

Just click on your agent’s face – present on every thread between you and your tenant – and the whole conversation thread is turned into a Support Ticket where your agent can dive into immediately and help out.

Amazing Agent Assist TM

We’ll find you a new tenant on the property portals up to one month before your contract ends, meaning no more void periods and heart-stopping gaps in your rental income! Then Rentlord lets you create a tenancy online with your new tenants, giving you the power (or with our assistance if you prefer) to Credit Check, sign a Tenancy Agreement, and register the tenancy deposit with a few clicks of a button.

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“Rentlord lets me concentrate on finding and buying good investments while they take care of all the hard work.”

“I own 2 properties but I’m too busy with work to properly manage them or know the legalities of running a rentals business.”

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years but Rentlord has given me back my time. I depend on their advice to keep me up to date with the law.”

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Your Rentlord Agent is your property concierge, you can:

• Set up an inventory inspection at the property

• Send a plumber to your home

• Renew the tenancy agreement

• Get knowledge: Answer any questions you or your tenants have

We’re here to help: just ask!

Tip: You can download your rent income for your tax return … It even takes into account and keeps track of your costs of maintenance

Tip: You or your tenants can contact your Rentlord agent directly through Email, SMS, or Agent Assist (see below)

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FAQ: What does Rentlord do if rent is late?

Answer: We go through a series of steps, starting with friendly reminders, through to managing the eviction and replacement of the tenant. All this is covered by your Rentlord subscription fee.

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Find a tenant, start a contract, collect payments, and manage your portfolio supported by our platform and a Real, Live Rentlord Agent.