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Connect your property and tenancy with leading experts in the field, getting top-class knowledge and services. Everything you record on your Whiteboard can be downloaded and is legally submissible in a court of law: it's the best way to start in command of your tenancy.

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Estimated time to set up a tenancy: 8 minutes

Communicate clearly and stay protected

Whiteboard is a clear, documented feed between Landlord and Tenants that makes it easy to track communications and solve problems together


Log all communications


Share photos and documents


Recognized in a UK court

Tenancy alerts

Payment Posts

Contract milestones


Late rent


Outstanding balances



Rentlord automatically alerts all parties to important moments during the tenancy's life

Document Folder
Documents Folder

Store documents forever in your folder

Store documents related to this tenancy and property such as tenancy agreements, mandatory documents, photographs: everything is automatically carried over into your next rental, making it super-easy for you to rent again.


Tenancy documents


Mandatory certificates


Property advertisement

Right Panel

Your Rentlord Agent is legally trained and is assigned to each Collect and Protect tenancy to guide you through the best practices of solving issues that pop up. If problems arise, such as consistent late payment of rent, your Rentlord Agent will also guide you through the next steps and help you end the tenancy gracefully.

Legal support


Summon an expert


Coaching you through problems

Renew or Section 21 and 8

Renew for Free

Yes, it's absolutely free of charge to renew your tenancy, and this can be done in minutes through your Whiteboard.

Section 21

The Section 21 is a the standard way for a Landlord to end a tenancy: this can be served through your Whiteboard: and best of all, a physical letter will be posted to your tenants too (as required by the law)

Section 8

In the case of problems that the law deems as grounds for the Landlord to regain possession of your property, Rentlord's Collect and Protect plan will cover you for the filing and submission of a Section 8 notice.

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