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Start Tenancy

Close the deal on your tenancy in minutes with a lawyer-drafted tenancy agreement: all you need is your tenants' name and email address ... then sit back and watch Rentlord do all the work for you!

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Start Tenancy for Free

Estimated time to set up a tenancy: 8 minutes






“Our project was a resounding success. The level of service and professionalism wassecond to none.”

— Happy Customer, Business Name


First Payment

Starting a tenancy with Rentlord includes deposit taking, first payment, and tenancy deposit protection. Sounds like a mouthful, but Rentlord handles everything in a smooth, efficient and stress-free way for everyone.


UK Compliant


We do the chasing

Use Rentlord to save time and increase profit margins by switching to us to manage your existing tenancies

Already have existing tenancies?

Switch for Free

Choose to credit check your tenants if you like: your tenancy won't go live until we approve them, and you'll always be in control of the whole process.

Credit checks


Court orders, bankruptcies


Employment reference


Previous landlord

Credit Check

UK Compliance

Don't worry anymore whether you're compliant with the law: Rentlord takes care of all that for you now and is always automatically up to date with the latest legislation.


Mandatory documents


Industry best practices

Payment cycles

Rentlord assumes by default that you want your rent to be paid monthly. But what if you want to be paid quarterly, or even half-yearly? No problem, you'll have the opportunity of selecting alternative payment cycles ... and the initial monies that your tenant has to pay you is automatically updated.

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Useful for international tenants


Take rent in advance


A guarantor is liable to pay the full rent, and are sometimes added by tenants, such as international students. Rentlord is able to support them and will include guarantors in tenancy agreements created through our platform.

Add a Guarantor

Added peace of mind


Good for international tenants or students